i do that thing called ~iNfLuEnCiNg~


  1. Tjerin Cave
    Tjerin Cave
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    tjerin2003 and I definitely think you guys should talk about your days

  2. Sholesi Kofoworola
    Sholesi Kofoworola
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    I listened to 9 and three quarters by txt

  3. marie hodge
    marie hodge
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    I just found your channel and I am beyond happy. You made all of these look dope new subscriber!!

  4. jumbledmess
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    We don’t need no man, but we do need our dad

  5. Amber Anderson
    Amber Anderson
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    Last song I listened to was 'you're the one that I want' from the movie Grease last night!

  6. Ayva Paige
    Ayva Paige
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    I was 5 when I got a phone

  7. Maky Jirecová
    Maky Jirecová
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    Hi, i love your videos, should I ask where you buy the chest of drawers where you store your makeup colection, please I really need it<3

  8. Eva Do
    Eva Do
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    My instagram is @eva_gte My favorite @pretty basic episode is ,, who is more likely”

  9. Alisha_yt
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    No one: Them oHwww My gOd

  10. d matti
    d matti
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    Omg I am like Alisha 😂

  11. Zaraerae Smith
    Zaraerae Smith
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    You, and no other girls need any of these. It made me really sad watching the items begin to play on your sense of worth. :(

  12. idek lmao
    idek lmao
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    lowkey feel like ashley really won this one

  13. chelsie salas
    chelsie salas
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    bethany mota

  14. Mariahhbaybee _xo
    Mariahhbaybee _xo
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    You did that lottery ticket way wrong lol

  15. Just_Michelle's Films
    Just_Michelle's Films
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    Noooo youre old video’s are gone🥺 all youre morning routines and night routines, they were so much much fun to watch😱🥺

  16. Alisha_yt
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    Omg heyyy i buy some of your merchhh

  17. Loma Zimmerman
    Loma Zimmerman
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    Awkward Situations walked so TaryneItUp could run

  18. Elliepro14
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    I realized that in the room switch they got the same people.

  19. Emily Naslund
    Emily Naslund
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    We all love savage alisha

  20. Brandon James
    Brandon James
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    ALISHA, you will mend my broken heart back together if you did a restock on so extra merch ❤️

  21. Sanaa Mohamed
    Sanaa Mohamed
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    Obviously, you guys know we're expecting more collabs after this right?

  22. angella
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    @angella.jpg loved the collab with laurdiy and jeremy!!

  23. Ari cooper
    Ari cooper
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    6 or 7

  24. Tia Jaber
    Tia Jaber
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    Prettiest sisters on ALfirst!!

  25. Sareen Avadis
    Sareen Avadis
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    Why does ash give me Taylor Swift vibes lol

  26. Miku !
    Miku !
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    I CANT WITH THE damn she's good.... PLS

  27. feng yu
    feng yu
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    U guys got the same person in the bedroom swap

  28. Yammy Girl Vlogger
    Yammy Girl Vlogger
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    What the actual heck- what has this generation come to like y’all seriously these people LIKE THESE PEOPLE LEGIT were besties like MIA WAS LITERALLY ALL RAINBOWS AND ALL THAT but no things have to change people where they have the need to curse and I know they can mature but like seriously these people were never so toxic.

  29. Angel’s Life
    Angel’s Life
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    Yes please make healthy snack videos

  30. Leslie Ramirez
    Leslie Ramirez
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    * I want weed I don’t want this * - FELT 😩

  31. Gabe Picavet
    Gabe Picavet
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    “I chucked her poop off the bus”

  32. •Boba Rose•
    •Boba Rose•
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    Y’all I just realized everybody got the same person they got in the roommate swap bedrooms video !!!! 😱😱

  33. Iselle Rangell
    Iselle Rangell
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    I got mine at like in the middle of 5 th grade

  34. Michelle Packman
    Michelle Packman
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    Oh, and the song was lil wayne lollipop 🤣

  35. Michelle Packman
    Michelle Packman
    18 orë më parë

    Damn. I didnt realize I had so much to unpack until I heard you say it out loud. Definitely comparing myself to my past self and even though I know to have patient expectations, there are lots of subconscious expectations... like I wanted to have a 24" waist but like... I need my ribs? Kid of a silly expectation now that I really think about it. Also definitely feel you on the cardio changeup. I trick my body all the time by not having a set schedule with weights v cardio. Also discovered the sleep thing, after the workahol pride. Sleep is... pretty dope. Anyway thanks for the video.

  36. moon1unit
    18 orë më parë

    “Tea” hehehehehehehe

    19 orë më parë

    u should do the next one with roomies, remi, gabi

  38. Dulla Hanan
    Dulla Hanan
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    It is my first time seeing ex bff tbh😂😂😂

  39. kate & kia
    kate & kia
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    ig : @kiarramckenzie and my fav episode of PB is the one with emma!!! y’all have such great energy together

  40. Adalyn Boyd
    Adalyn Boyd
    20 orë më parë

    Correction.... Taryne. LOL SORRY FOR BUTCHERING HER NAME...

  41. Adalyn Boyd
    Adalyn Boyd
    20 orë më parë

    Hey Alisha, so you should totally make a 24 hour car challenge video with the roomies. (ash, TK, and Tarren)

  42. Jordin Search
    Jordin Search
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  43. Sophie Kovar
    Sophie Kovar
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    Is chloe still alive?

  44. Delila Achatz
    Delila Achatz
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    6th grade

  45. Kayla Kwon
    Kayla Kwon
    22 orë më parë

    shotz People who read the description would know what I was talking about.

  46. Hannah Danyelle
    Hannah Danyelle
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    Now we just need Alex and Mia to make a video

  47. Jacy Tidwell
    Jacy Tidwell
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    I am in 6th grade, and I got a old hand me down samsung phone when I was in 2nd grade. Because I walked home or rode the bus from school.

  48. Leah Marczyk
    Leah Marczyk
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    Do moreeeeeeeeee!!

  49. addie d
    addie d
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  50. Camryn Glamber
    Camryn Glamber
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    What’s y’all’s favorite video? Mine is the tinder one or styling sweatpants! Find those if you haven’t already watched them? Comment yours down below.

  51. Delila Achatz
    Delila Achatz
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    You should red TK’s room

    1. Delila Achatz
      Delila Achatz
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  52. Valerie Chong
    Valerie Chong
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    Lol, they got the same people in the switching rooms video

  53. Kirsten Louise
    Kirsten Louise
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    @2xkit growing up in the spotlight!! :pp with maddie n kenziee hehe HOPE I WINN GOODLUCK U GUYYSS

  54. Riddhi Mehta
    Riddhi Mehta
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    Loved the every part of the video!!!!💗

  55. Ananya Rayaprol
    Ananya Rayaprol
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    Its brunette alisha but alishas version! Comment or like if u get the reference!

  56. Andi Deguzman
    Andi Deguzman
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    It’s lit!

  57. Aashikha R
    Aashikha R
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    Once my sister I think firt year she got a job when she returned her luggage was green she told me "it's easier to spot"

  58. Aashikha R
    Aashikha R
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    Alisha starts talking Me : Samsung notes

  59. itx me blossom
    itx me blossom
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    Chicken nuggets

  60. Lichano Khuvung
    Lichano Khuvung
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    Iconic iconic iconic😩

  61. The Pervy Prepper
    The Pervy Prepper
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    I've been watching youtube videos so of course (not joking) the last song I listened to was by Rick Astley. Does anyone wanna guess what song?

  62. Jazmin Rodriguez
    Jazmin Rodriguez
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    You should do last to leave the backyard with tk and your roommates

  63. Erica Mac
    Erica Mac
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    I am making the frozen banana one. I'm like dying watching it

  64. Michelle Platt
    Michelle Platt
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    It’s like fricking, like SO...oh my fricking god! Literally fricking like dope. Fricking. Fricking. FRICKING! No wonder you’re doing you sane person would ever hire you for like a real fricking J-O-B! 🙄

  65. Brandon James
    Brandon James
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    We want more so extra merch

  66. C5A-28- Ananya
    C5A-28- Ananya
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    8:10 the dog freaked out

  67. Aaliyah Espinosa
    Aaliyah Espinosa
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    You guys also switched hair lmao

  68. Generation X
    Generation X
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    *Three words* *intermittent fasting* *keto* 💪🏽

  69. The Eagle
    The Eagle
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    Oh no the cell phone challenge that is the hardest challenge ever I would do really bad at this challenge

  70. Mia Chesney
    Mia Chesney
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    me: 16 years old mom: you don't need a phone your to young

  71. The Eagle
    The Eagle
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    When I was in college I wore jeans and graphic tees or sweat pants or big shirts like Billie Eilish

  72. Tanya Iyer
    Tanya Iyer
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    LOL I am so surprised you and Taryne were on a team I lowkey thought you and TK would team up and Taryne and Ashley would. Loved the vid

  73. Chloe Gray
    Chloe Gray
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    Switch lives switch for 24 hours

  74. Dorothy Clarke
    Dorothy Clarke
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    There cinimon bun dights

  75. Beth Helmly
    Beth Helmly
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    I was listening to The Doors. You know them?

  76. Stella Garnier
    Stella Garnier
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    “What are we gonna do next year” SHE BOUGHT A BILLBOARD

  77. Tallouse
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    Your body is so perfect that it doesn’t make a difference without them. You definitely don’t need shape wear.

  78. Bailey Bernardo
    Bailey Bernardo
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    I got mine 7 just for saftey

  79. kaylaskidrauhl
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    where are you necklaces from??